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Exon CH/EU Server Info

[Image: yLyDdab.png]

[Image: zDVLdab.png]

[Image: OVipaab.png]

Discord (7K+)

Facebook (40K+)

Hardware / Capacity

Stability is the point where most of the people have been struggling with, ever since vsro files came out. Thanks to this extremely powerful host and stable EXON filter, problematic grand opening and frequent downtimes are over as we experienced no problems, lags, downtimes or any kind of crashes in the previous server release.

Facing the beast: Processors: 2x Intel Xeon Gold 6140 (>5000$), 256GB RAM, dual power supply units (in case of breaks) and NVMe SSD's allows EXON to provide with 8,000 player slots running on a total of 8 Gameservers with no problems.

With this host & EXON Filter combination, you should have 40 to 80 ms (EU), 70 to 110 ms (TR), 70 to 130 ms (EGY) delay and no more. (As proven back in June-July with 6000 online players). So, in general, you should have a low ping compared to any isro-psro servers regardless how many online players there are in the server.

[Image: Rcd6eab.gif]

[Image: QUegdab.png]


[Image: xXQUfab.jpg]

As high volume of players expected, monsters re-spawn time has been reduced and the number of spawn points for the monsters have been increased (applies for the regions listed below).

Jangan, Donwhang, Hotan and Roc Mountain regions still have original monsters and spawn points.


[Image: zfB9dab.png]


[Image: r2xHeab.png]


[Image: r2xHeab.png]


[Image: De62cab.png]


- Region is available only for CH characters
- Monsters have higher HP and XP rate (to allow Chinese chars to catch up with leveling)

[Image: Mkzxbab.png]

It's all about EXON Points.

Farm EXON Points to obtain the end game content; Seal of Moon. (You can not ''buy'' Seal of Moon, it's non tradeable - so you have to farm EXON Points)


There are 8 different methods you can use. You can choose any method you wish to farm EXON Points. 

Weekly Exon Points Limit (800)

[Image: tG7Aaab.png]

1. Jobbing

- You can collect 250 Exon points through jobbing / week.
- Every point you collected through jobbing also counts as honor point.
- You can not collect more than 100 Exon Points from jobbing in 24 hours. (Exon Standard Time 00:00 - 23:59)
- You will get limited gold reward from jobbing after you hit the daily and weekly limits and it differs for each job alliance. 
- You will receive your Exon Points upon relog. (Applies to jobbing only)
- You will receive your gold reward in your storage upon relog. 

2. Job Kills:

- Every kill you get in job status will grant 2 Exon Points on your account.
- You can collect 150 points through killing opponents in job status in a week.
- You can not gain Exon Points by killing the same enemy in less than 8 hours.
- You can not gain Exon Points from the same enemy unless you kill 5 different opponent.

3. Survival Arena Kills:

- Every kill in Survival Arena (during the event) will grant 2 Exon Point.
- You can collect 150 points through killing opponents in Survival Arena.
- You can collect maximum of 2 Exon Points from a single opponent at an event.

4. Fortress War Kills: 

- You can obtain 50 Exon Points from kills in Fortress War. 1 kill = 1 EP.
- You can not collect more than 1 Exon Point from a single opponent at a war.

5. Godsend Dungeon Quest (or) Uniques

Godsend Dungeon;
- You can complete (2x) Godsend Dungeon Quests and claim (2x) Godsend Scroll reward on daily basis
- Each Godsend EP Scroll will grant 10 Exon Points on your account. (20 EP Daily)

- You can also collect Exon Points by hunting uniques, each unique will grant a certain number of Exon Points on your account.
- You can collect maximum of 200 Exon Points per week. Killing uniques or using Godsend EP Scroll will not grand any Exon Points on your account if you hit weekly limit of 200.

Spoiler: Show

6. Alchemy: 

-You can obtain up to 50 Exon Points per week.
-You can collect Exon Points by fusing ''10 degree SOX items'' to plus 7 and/or above. Exon Points you earn for fusing SOX items will also count for Achievements. (Alchemy Points)

Each +7 success grants you 2 points. 
Each +8 success grants you 10 points. 
Each +9 success grants you 20 points.
Each +10 success grants you 30 points. 
Each +11 success grants you 40 points.

We hear you saying; ''how the fu*k am i supposed to fuse to +10/11'' well probably none will... We're just noting it down.

7.Battle Arena

Win Battle Arena event to obtain Exon Points.

- You can collect maximum if 100 Exon Points from Battle Arena, per week.
- Every Battle Arena victory will grant 10 Exon Points & 10 Honor Points on your account.

8. CTF: 

Win CTF event to obtain Exon Points. 

- You can collect maximum if 50 Exon Points from CTF, per week.
- Every CTF victory will grant 10 Exon Points on your account.


Available Jangan Trader Shop
Available Donwhang Trader Shop
Available Hotan Trader Shop

Hotan <> Donwhang <> Jangan

Trader 5 Exon Points
Hunter 6-7 Exon Points
Thief 3 Exon Points

Hotan <> Jangan

Trader 10 Exon Points
Hunter 13-14 Exon Points

Gold Rewards

5* Loot Price : 33M

Trader 57m profit
Hunter 13m profit x trader
Thief 15m profit x per 5*

Hunters gets the most gold and EP. 
Thieves gets lowest gold and EP as it's the most fun to play. Else, neither the economy nor the ingame activities can run smoothly. Increasing EP reward for thieves from 3 to 4 will be considered after the release.

Gold Limit

Once you hit your daily or weekly jobbing limit, you will still earn gold even though you will not earn any Exon Points, however the gold reward will drastically reduce for traders and thieves.

Trader 100% > 30%
Hunter 100% > 75%
Thief 100% > 30%

JOB RANKS [Job Levels x Buff]

Job levels matters in Exon. Level up to claim a better buff while jobbing. A fancy icon will appear on top of your character and will disappear as soon as you unequip your job suit. (There is no icon for job level 1)

It's important to note that if you leave your job union, your job rank, honor buffs and honor rank will be vanished.

[Image: Y0Uqfab.jpg]


Unlock WANTED buffs by killing 10 or more enemies without dying at all. Enjoy them as much as you can because you only have 8 hours until the buff expires. As soon as you die in job mode (whilst you have a wanted buff), it will be vanished.

10 kills = Wanted Lv. 1
20 kills = Wanted Lv. 2
30 kills = Wanted Lv. 3
40 kills = Wanted Lv. 4
50 kills = Wanted Lv. 5

Each job type will have it's own top 50 rank. The rankings are being updated on hour basis.


1. Jobbing

- You will obtain 1 honor point for every Exon point obtained from jobbing.
- There is no honor point limit from jobbing.

2. Survival Arena

- Each kill in survival arena grants 1 honor point.
- Each death in survival arena will remove 1 honor point.
- There is no overall honor point limit in survival arena.
- 2 honor points can be obtained from a certain enemy per survival arena event

3. Survival Arena Winnings

- Position #1 will grant 12 extra honor points
- Position #2 will grant 10 extra honor points
- Position #3 will grant 5 extra honor points

4. Job Kills

- Each job kill grants 2 honor point.
- Each death in job mode will remove 2 honor point.
- Killing the same opponent in job mode will not grant another honor point in the next 8 hours.

5. Unique Kills

- Each unique kill will grant honor point as it's given below.

Spoiler: Show

6. Battle Arena winnings
- Each BA winning will grant 10 honor points

7. CTF winnings

- Each CTF winning will grant 10 honor points.

8. Fortress War kills

- Each kill in fortress war grants 1 honor point.
- 1 honor point can be obtained from a certain enemy at a fortress war.
- There is no overall honor point limit in fortress war(s).


The players are given ability to SKIP some of the content listed above. What does it mean? It simply means that; if you hate hunting uniques, you can totally ignore this content and you are still able to complete the weekly Exon Points limit. It's the same if you skip any other content such as FW kills / BA / CTF or anything you see in the list.

Weekly Exon Point Limit Upgrade

Players can not earn more than 800 Exon Points per week. If you hit that limit, you will not earn any Exon Points from the events until the global limit is lifted within the weekly server maintenance on Thursday. Every Thursday, the limit will be lifted by ''800''. In the first week, it's gonna be 800 EP Limit. The second week 1600, the third week 2400 and so on.

And the good thing is, if you were busy in a certain week and you manage to collect only 650 EP, you can obtain more than 800 EP the next week and catch up as the total amount of EP you can earn from the events are more than 800. XX

[Image: vqtBdab.jpg]

[Image: CooFdab.png]

Join Exon' iconic event; Survival Arena to collect Exon Points, Honor Points and try to get in TOP-5 killers list to claim special rewards such as Exon Boxes and Arena Coins.

Survival Arena 03:00
Survival Arena 11:00
Survival Arena 15:00
Survival Arena 19:00
Survival Arena 23:00

Rewards :

Place #1 : Platinum Box, Diamond Box & 15 Arena Coins)
Place #2 : Diamond Box & 10 Arena Coins
Place #3 : Platinum Box & 10 Arena Coins
Place #4 : 10 Arena Coins
Place #5 : 10 Arena Coins

[Image: c4rGfab.png]

Madness Event came out in our previous server and became one of the most beloved events in Exon.

It is a Survival Arena alike event except your focus is supposed to be the unique, not the other players... or the other way; kill other players in Madness Event so they don't win the event.

Event Time 20:00
Reward 500 Silk

[Image: Omfseab.jpg]

[Image: sLjIdab.png]

- Event duration has been lowered to 15 minutes.
- Each member of the winner team will receive 14 Arena Coins
- Each member of the winner team will receive 4 Arena Coins
- You will get automatically disconnected if you stand still (AFK) in Battle Arena

BA Party 01:00
BA Random 02:00
BA Party 05:00
BA Random 06:00
BA Random 07:00
BA Random 09:00
BA Party 10:00
BA Party 13:00
BA Job 14:00
BA Random 17:00
BA Party 18:00
BA Random 21:00
BA Job 22:00

[Image: FwX9fab.png]

Capture the Flag takes place 6 times a day, every 4 hours starting from 00:00.

- Winning CTF grants 10 Exon Points on your account
- Winning CTF grants 10 Honor Points on your account (No Limit).

CTF 00:00
CTF 04:00
CTF 08:00
CTF 12:00
CTF 16:00
CTF 20:00


Spoiler: Show

In Exon, you don't get SOX drops from monsters or uniques. You obtain Exon Boxes from the Dungeons (Godsend Dungeon + Forgotten World) and the uniques and crack them to claim your reward (SOX or special item). When you crack the box, the item will be granted in your STORAGE upon success.

1. Platinum Box
[Image: 1xi3bab.jpg]

Rarity: Common, Success Rate 55%
Source: All Uniques and Dungeons

Spoiler: Show

2. Diamond Box
[Image: UXnsbab.jpg]

Rarity: Rare, Success Rate 20%
Source: FGW, Godsend Dungeon and most of the uniques

Spoiler: Show

3. Elite Box
[Image: OVn1dab.jpg]

SOE items (shield included, weapons excluded) will come out of that box with 10% success rate. (SOE Weapons can ONLY be obtained through Forgotten World [HALL OF WORSHIP] quest)
Rarity: Very Limited, Success Rate 10%
Source: Simulation (Unique)

Spoiler: Show

4. Peculiar Box
[Image: h4wccab.jpg]

Rarity: Common, Success Rate 0.1%
Source: All Uniques (Drop Chance)
Unavailable in the first 1,5 months

This is the box you will obtain time to time and wish to get Grand Exon items out of it. The success rate is very low since Grand Exon items are very powerful. Grand Exon items are basically a copy of SoM items, the only difference is they are REALLY rare and tradeable.

Spoiler: Show

[Image: z1Oweab.jpg]

Weapons, equipments, shields and accessories have their own customized stat values, therefore we will explain them seperately.

[Image: gefLdab.png]

Higher tier SoX types will have higher Attack rate, Critical and Reinforce boosts.

[Image: LTb0bab.png]

Seal of Star 98 +1 (Parry, Reinforce Boost v1)
Seal of Alphard 98 +2 (Parry,, Reinforce Boost v2)
Seal of Eden 98 +3 (Parry, Reinforce Boost v3)
Seal of Moon 98 +5 (Parry, Reinforce Boost v4)
Grand Exon 98 +5 (Parry, Reinforce Boost v4)

[Image: gfoHgab.png]

Seal of Star 98 +1
Seal of Alphard 98 +2
Seal of Eden 98 +3
Seal of Moon 98 +5
Grand Exon 98 +5

[Image: lOWBfab.png]

The shields have special conditions. First of all 9 and 10 degree non-sox shields are nerfed. There are significant differences between 10 degree non-sox and sox shields.

Seal of Star 98 +4
Seal of Alphard 98 +5
Seal of Eden 98 +7
Seal of Moon 98 +10
Grand Exon 98 +10

And before you think shields are OP, 98 level npc shields are now basically 9 degree so they're far from being overpowered.

[Image: B0HKgab.png]

In Exon, SOX equipments have additional blue options. They come along with HP Increase, DMG absorption, Attack - Parry Rate increase and more. Each set type is specifically designed for certain builds. Choose what suits the best for you.

Spoiler: Show


Significant boost. STR 11 , INT 11


Crazy stuff. Go protector to win every battle. Attack rate 40 increase , Blocking rate 4 Increase , STR 4 , INT 4


Critical Resistance 15 Increase


Critial 3, HP 1000 Increase.


Hard to say it's a significant boost. Attack Rate 10, Parry Rate 10 Increase.


Damage Absorption 5.



Godsend Dungeon has been renovated, thanks to Simulation. For those, who did not play on Exon Season 3; Godsend Dungeon is Exon' signature dungeon where you complete daily quests and obtain Exon and Skill Point scrolls. Later, you will need those skill point scrolls to unlock your NEW/Godsend skills.

The dungeon consists of 1 main area/garden in where you'll find tens of mini uniques and 3 rooms connected to it with
glamorous bridges.

It's mandatory to hunt all the mini uniques in the garden to have access to the first room.
As soon as you hunt all the mobs and the iconic Exon Unique ''Light Spirit'', you will have access to the second room; after cleaning up the room, you will have access to the third room where ''Shadow Spirit'' unique will welcome you.
Those uniques designed and developed by Simulation. I'm sure you'll like them. Not very sure if they'll like you though. It's recommended to enter the dungeon with at least 5-6 party members, else, you will have hard time to complete the dungeon within 60 minutes. You'll be teleported back to town... which is not cool because you won't have access to Godsend Dungeon until the day after (23:59 servertime).



Godsend Dungeon Teleporter

[Image: JJSfcab.png]


Someone had to stop it. How long will you fight in Shipwrecks for? Well, no more because we have designed Hall of Worship for you. It's the brand new Forgotten World Dungeon! Team up and eliminate monsters and uniques in the dungeon. Collect the boxes, FGW cards (to get SOE weapon) and special items. Dimension holes are available at Exon Shop, in Donwhang city next to the guild manager. Drop list from monsters and uniques will be given in ''UNIQUE DROPS'' section below.



Hall of Worship Teleporter

[Image: g2zAgab.png]


The quest can be taken from the Quest Manager NPC in Donwhang, next to the hunter shop.
The reward for completing Hall of Warship collection is a choice of Seal of Eden Weapon. The shield does not count, it is only obtainable from Elite Boxes.

[Image: P9Dicab.png]


The purpose of completing the quest is to obtain ''Godsend SP Scroll'' that grants 10.000.000 skill points on your character.
You will be asked to hunt 100 Soldier of God and Light Spirit in Godsend Dungeon and you'll be rewarded with 2x scrolls when you deliver the quest.


As it is already mentioned previously, you can complete quests to earn Exon Points on daily basis.
You will be asked to hunt Shadow Spirit and Zielkiaxe in order to obtain 2x Godsend EP scrolls. Each scroll will grant 10 Exon Points on your character.

It's important to know that in order to have the unique kills counted, you must have a EXP-SHARED party.


These are the daily quests you can complete once per day. You can complete all quests and claim 5x2M sp scroll = 10m SP in total (on daily basis).
If you complete Godsend Dungeon SP Quests + Job Cave SP Quests, you can farm 30M SP per day and unlock 1 skill every 2 days.

The first 4 quests mobs appear in Unique rooms (Selket, Neith, Isis, Anubis). The uniques appear and unlock the doors 4 times a day for 2 hours.

So basically, these 4 rooms are limited to 6 hours per day.
To find out when the rooms are unlocked, type '' !jobcave '' command on discord #bot-spam channel.

Job Cave Quest #1
Room: Sanctum of Restriction (Selket Room)
Kill 100 Selchion
Reward; SP Scroll (2 Millions)

Job Cave Quest #2
Room: Sanctum of Blue Eye (Neith Room)
Kill 100 Harmeth
Reward: SP Scroll (2 Millions)

Job Cave Quest #3
Room: Sanctum of Atonement (Isis Room)
Kill 100 Priest of Defense
Reward: SP Scroll (2 Millions)

Job Cave Quest #4
Room: Sanctum of Punishment (Anubis Room)
Kill 100 Priest of Flames
Reward: SP Scroll (2 Millions)

Job Cave Quest #5
Room: Sanctum of Audience
Kill 100 Imhotep
Reward: SP Scroll (2 Millions)

There are 5 currency types (coins) you should know of. You will need a certain amount of these coin types to buy Seal of Moon items from SOX NPC once they are added/enabled.

[Image: srLYcab.jpg]

Arena Coin BA, Survival, CTF
Money All Uniques
Crystal FGW (Hall of Worship), Godsend Dungeon
Sapphire Job Cave Uniques
Gold Coin Exon Shop, Roc and Simulation

Everything you need to know is in the image below. (There are STR versions of Isyutaru, Lord and Demon Shaitan as well, consider they'll also drop what the original versions will drop)

[Image: zgoxdab.png]

[Image: Bw6Udab.png]



- Cold imbue cooldown: 16 seconds
- Last tier cold Imbue atk. pwr. is equal to last tier light imbue.
- Firewalls/Icewalls are sharing the same cooldown of 10 seconds.
- Snow Shield INT requirement:
/ Snow Shield - Novice: 270 INT (Lv 1: 10%, Lv 2: 11%, Lv 3: 12%, Lv 4: 13%, lv 5: 14%, lv 6: 15%)
/ Snow Shield - Adebt: 300 INT
/ Snow Shield - Freeze: 400 INT
/ Snow Shield - Intense: 440 INT
/ Snow Shield - Swift : 450 INT


- Light imbue cooldown: 16 seconds
- Last tier cold meteor/nuke atk. pwr. is equal to last tier light nuke
- Force Piercing Force last tier 18% to 19%
- Last tier walk speed is 105%.


- Fire imbue cooldown: 16 seconds
- Phy DMG increase buff last tier 9% to 11%
- Firewalls/Icewalls are sharing the same cooldown of 10 seconds.


Force debuff success possibilities have been raised (compared to Exon Chinese skill balance edits)

- Force cure series skill tree: Shared cooldown, 10 seconds cooldown
- Impotent:80% to 35
- Weaken: 80% to 60
- Decay: 80% to 60
- Division 80% to 50


- Summit & Depth Bicheon Force: Bonus 10% magical damage increase.
- Demon Blade Force: Knock Down Probability 50% to 45%
- Ocean Blade Force: Knock Down Probability 50% to 45%
- Flying Stone Smash and Twin Energy Smash cooldowns linked.


Increased (Additional) Critical Increase by 5 (Compared to Exon Chinese server's skill balance)

- Celestial Beast Arrow: Fear Debuff Lv 10 (20%)
- Anti Devil Bow Strike: Extra Critical +10 (45)
- Anti Devil Bow Annihilate: Extra Critical +10 (50)
- Mind Concentration 33 Increase to 65 Increase.
- Blue Hawk Summon: Attack rate increased 35>73


It is very important to acknowledge that minor value changes doesn't mean a lot in SRO. You have to nerf the skills significantly to make a recognizable change. What we have done in EU skill changes are mainly small edits that doesn't ruin the characteristics of the masteries. This way you can still enjoy your favourite build.

Instead of detailing some of the minor changes or the ones we will name under ''other changes'', we welcome you to test out the skill balance in our Beta server first, as the final skill balance will be announced after Beta period is over anyway.

Also, some of the overpowered skills & buffs are removed from it's original skill tree and added as Godsend Skill. The logic behind that is because we think overpowered skills should not be instantly accessible but through effort and in time.

First TRY the skill balance out before you give feedback about it.


- Stun and bleed success probability has been slightly reduced for axe skill; Sudden Twist
- Pain Quota and Ultimate Screen skills have been removed from their original skill trees and added as Godsend Skill (You can unlock them through quests)
- Daredevil knockback chance has been slightly reduced
- Other changes (due change during beta)


- Increased HP consume from 10% to 15% for; Prick
- Other changes (due change during beta)


- Removed level 2,3,4 and 5 for; Life Turnover.
- Added new Life Turnover as Godsend Skill/Buff
- Other changes (due change during beta)


- Increased the cooldown of the debuff skills [1 > 3 seconds]
- Increased passive magical damage increase buff (100% to 110%)
- Added INT requirement for range stun skill
- Removed Advanced Reflect buff from it's original skill tree and added as Godsend Skill.
- Removed Scream Mask buff from it's original skill tree and added as Godsend Skill.


- Increased passive magical damage increase buff from 100% to 110%
- Removed last tier Dance Skills and added them as Godsend Skill
(make sure to check out godsend skills, bard now has new attack skills and passive def. increase)


- Integrity (debuff remover) and Innocents skills now share the same cooldown
- Removed level 11 and 12; Bless Spell
- Removed level 2 and above; STR - INT last tier skills

Godsend Skill series are the extended version of default 100 CAP skills offering higher attack values and giving you ability to go for exclusive builds like ICE-FIRE-HEUKSAL Glavier instead of ''usual'' FIRE-FORCE-HEUKSAL Glavier build and it will give you unique capabilities that you'll forget about FORCE mastery entirely. It was just an example; I'll update this section during beta and actually you can test them out yourself during beta better.



Spoiler: Show


Snow Storm - Godsend: Magical attack power > 2180 - 2470
Slayer - Godsend : Critical Increase 10 (STR Requirement 400)


Ghost Walk - Godsend: Moving Speed 118% Increase
Holy Spell - Godsend: Weakening, Restriction, Curse Series Probability Reduce 30%, Cooldown 180 seconds.
Lightning Storm - Godsend: Magical attack power 2180 - 2470 (300%)


Flame Wave - Godsend: Magical attack power 2406-3655 (265%)
Fire Wave - Godsend: Magical attack power 2251-2559 (315%)
Fire Wall - Godsend: HP 25920, Mag. Absorption 95
Fire Protection - Godsend: Magical defense power 338 Increase


Fear Spot - Godsend: Fear Probability 20%, 8 Seconds
Dull Spot - Godsend: Dull Probability 20%, 8 Seconds
Force Nuke - Godsend: Magical attack power 2180-2470 (450 INT Required)


Bicheon Scud - Godsend: Moving Speed 250% Increase, Continuous hours 12 Second.
Bicheon Force - Godsend: Physical damage 10% Increase, Magical damage 15% Increase, Phy def power of shield 105% Reduce, Phy attack power 235 Increase
Bicheon Active - Godsend: Chance of Obtaining Berserk Gage 40% Increase, Continuous hours 120 Second.
Cut Blade - Godsend: Phy attack Power 950-1129
Sword Dance - Godsend: Phy attack power 1398-1516
Blade Force - Godsend: Phy attack power 972-1115, Knock-down 50%


Ghost Spear - Godsend: Phy attack power 1289-1389
Flying Dragon - Godsend: Phy attack power 1360-1710, Critical 10 Increase
Soul Spear - Godsend: Phy attack power 1189-1435 (Stun 10Level Probability 10% 3Time/times)


Black Arrow - Godsend: Phy attack power 885-1145, Attack rate 40 Increase, Bleed 10Level (Probability 20%), Darkness 10Level (Probability 20%)
Resistance - Godsend: Phy def power 158 Increase (320 INT REQUIRED)
Anti Devil Bow - Godsend: Phy attack power 950-1150



3x Active Buff
2x Active Skills

Pain Quota - Godsend: Damage Disperse Rate 50% (Max lv)
Ultimate Screen - Godsend: Phy. Def. Incr. 1128, Mag. Def. Incr 1579
Ultimate Skin- Godsend:
Rising Impact - Godsend : 50% KD , Phy. Atk. Pwr. 1310~1578 (210%)
Shield Crush - Godsend : Phy. Atk. Pwr. 1382~1667 (91%), Dull 10lv, KB 55% Rate, Maximum Successive shots 3x (Simulatenous 3x)


Passive Buff: Range Increase
Passive Buff: Attack Rate Increase
1x Imbue
1x Dagger Skill
1x Crossbow Skill

Wide Sight - Godsend : Shot Range 5,5m (lv3)
Death Weapon - Godsend : Imbue, Use Time 7sec (Poison Status)
Triple Shot - Godsend : Phy. Atk. Pwr. 1310~1588 (78%), KB Probability 75% (3x Shots)
Double Impact - Godsend : Phy Atk. Pwr. 1342~1627 (87%) (2x Shots)
Hawk Eye - Godsend : Attack Rate Increase 58 (Lv2)


1x Active Buff
1x Debuff
1x Passive Buff: Range Increase
1x Attack Skill

Life Turnover - Godsend : Mag. Atk. Pwr. Increase 1014, Mag. Dmg. Incr. 25%, MaximumHP Reduce 50%



Spoiler: Show

Save time and money. Choose your style and buy one of the beginner packs to save silks.

[Image: xLpogab.png]

[Image: r1rbaab.gif]

[Image: eLW7bab.jpg]

Spoiler: Show

Normal Alchemy;
By starting to play in Exon server, you accept the Alchemy Challenge in advance.

+1/5 = Do-able
+6/7 = Challenging
+8 = Hard
+8/9 = Very hard

Better lower your expectations to have above +9 already because +10 and +11 success rates are 1% (Excluding premium, avatar, alchemy scroll).

Devil Spirit alchemy;
Using 1dg magic powder increases the success rate by 100% (Obtainable from Platinum Boxes)
Maximum limit is +5

+1/3 = Do-able
+4/5 = Very hard


Spoiler: Show


These are the currently default SoX glows and we will probably modify them during beta.
Spoiler: Show


In Exon, there are 2 alternative SoX glows you can apply to any of your ( SoX weapon(s). The scrolls can be purchased from Item Mall / SoX Glow Changer section. (Seal of Moon glow changer will be added to Item Mall once weapons are enabled)

Spoiler: Show

Exon 16dg Weapon Skins/Models

Spoiler: Show

15 Degree Equipment Models
Spoiler: Show

Fellow Pets
Spoiler: Show

Growth Pets
Spoiler: Show

Pick Pets
Spoiler: Show

[Image: aSLbkci.gif]

You want to switch your weapons skin to another degree but you're not quite sure which degree suits you the best? Again, thanks to Simulation now we have Exon SHOWROOM.

You can simply teleport into there from Donwhang and look at every existing SOX glow, Weapon degree (skin), Equipment degree (skin) and plus glows and make a decision faster without googling.

[Image: Qs6Vfab.png]

Tired of playing the same character? You don't only have option to reset your character (Stats/Skills) but also have option to switch from European to Chinese and Chinese to European race.

The scrolls are available in Donwhang, right next to the guild manager.

[Image: IIapeab.jpg]


- You have to unequip all your items including avatar parts and devil spirit

Upon use;

- You will get disconnected
- Upon relog, you will spawn with the character skin you selected
- You will spawn with 0 mastery levels
- Your skills points used for Godsend Skills will be restored on your account (+2M SP to learn normal skills)
- Your inventory will remain the same (no change)
- Your old items will remain the same, EU <> CH SOX items switcher scrolls will be added during beta.

[Image: XKungab.png]

Be unique and switch your weapons SOX Glow to ''Superior'' or ''Marvelous'' one. SOX glow switchers are available in Item Mall.

Each SOX type has 2 uniquecustom glows available. (You can check out all the SOX Glows in Exon Showroom - Use Donwhang Teleporter to get in.)

When you change the sox glow of your weapon, all the values your weapon has remains the same. (The plus, blues, stats, sox glow and everything).

[Image: 6Hc5aab.png]

Not a big fan of 10 degree? Switch your weapon model (skin) by other degrees.

When you change the skin of your weapon, all the values your weapon has remains the same. (The plus, blues, stats, sox glow and everything).

[Image: yRE8gab.png]
Use weapon type changer scrolls when you reset your skills. Available in Item Mall (Shields can not be transformed into a weapon).

[Image: mhbtfab.png]

Take your teamplay to another level by marking the enemy in your enemy team and showing your party members the way.

As soon as you mark someone (Ideal to use in Battle Arena, CTF, Fortress War), they will have a mark on top of their head for 15 seconds. (The use is limited to one every 3 minutes - due modification)

[Image: 0yZcaab.jpg]

There are small edits might worth noting down. See below;

- Removed thunder sound
- It's always sunny
- Added zoomhack.
- Added custom Exon intro.
- Guild Start level 5.
- Disabled SOX drops.
- Removed Chinese buff animations


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